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  The oil palm fibre is produced from empty fruit bunch that are considered as waste after the extraction oil palm fruits.

          No chemicals were involved in our production of oil palm fibers. So, consumers can expect the high quality oil palm fibre to be clean and toxic free.
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Oil palm fibre details:
Moisture content:
"Inherent characteristics such as high moisture content will have a detrimental effect on the oil palm residues. Degradation and infection will easily take place thus leading to deterioration in the properties of the fibres. To prevent this from happening, a moisture content of around 8% (on wet basis) was set.This value is comparable to the moisture content for all wood-based fibers"

Impurity level:
"The standard has also identified impurities as a critical element in producing high quality fibres. Impurities by definition means the calyxes, spikes, aggregates or fibre strands, any dust or fine particles and parenchyma of EFB. Since it is practically impossible to have fibre free impurities, the maximum level of impurities allowed for in the standard is at 15% . Nevertheless with future improvement in the process technologies, this limit could be further reduced."

Oil content:
"The final EFB fibre characteristics that merits attention is the oil content of the fibre. The presence of a significant percentage of residual oil possess a major problem in that it will react with the moisture content hence giving rise to rancidity and ultimately fungal growth. The control limit for oil content should be around 3%."

Fibre content:
"For the purpose of commercialization, the standard recommends ONE grade of empty fruit bunch fibre (EFB). In quantifying the percentage proportion of fibre length, the standard has established the following numerical values:
Fibre Length >100mm = % fibre proportion around 30%"

Details of oil palm fibre of our company:
Length of Fibre : 76mm - 250mm
Impurity level: 6%
Moisture content in fibre : 8% - 15%
Oil content : 2.8-3.5%
Fibre content in Empty bunch : 23% - 25%

Compare with the standards set by SIRA Certification, it was clear that the oil palm fibre produced by our company had been compliant with all the standards. This further indicate that the fibre produced was guaranteed extinguish quality for further production uses.

Uses of oil palm fibre:
Characteristically EFB fibers are clean, biodegradable and compatible than many other fibers from other wood species. EFB fibers are suitable for the manufacture of mattress, car seat, insulation, composite panel product and particle board. The choice and selection of fibre length is very much dependent on the nature of the manufactured product. For example, long fibre length is suitable for mattress and short fibre makes excellent particle board.

Fibre bundle dimensions:
Height........ 30"

The steel wiring used in one fibre bundle is around 2.0kg
Each bundle of fibre weigh (including steel and wire) around 280kg-300kg
Fibre Specification:

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Fibre in Process
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